3. Double Sided PCB Workflow

For the Punk Console tutorial, we will be creating a double sided PCB using the V-One Drill attachment. There are a couple of ways of creating a double sided board, today we'll follow this sequence:

1. Drill the holes.

To start, a blank board will be mounted on the heated bed with the sacrificial layer. Then we will drill two types of holes: small holes for vias, and large ones for through hole components.

2. Print the top layer

After drilling, the top layer will be printed. The procedure is the same as creating a single layer board, however the board will contain drill holes.

In this step, it is important to carefully clean the board of drilling debris and avoid moving the board.

3. Print the bottom layer

Once the top side finishes baking, it is time to print the bottom side by doing an aligned print. Here, we'll teach the software the location of 2 holes to get the layers to line up.

4. Assemble the circuit.

Now that both layers are printed, it is necessary to connect the top and bottom layer using rivets and to populate the board.

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