P- Switch Did not Trigger

In the V-One, there are two P switches - p-bot and p-top. If you receive one of the following errors, the troubleshooting steps below will help you resolve the issue!

Unable to move to calibration plate (p-bot), switch did not trigger

Unable to move to tool switch (p-top), switch did not trigger Troubleshooting for both is similar. If you're received an either of these errors, the first step is to take a look at the gold plate in your XY positioner, and ensure it's clean and clear of debris.

If the plate has any ink, paste or other debris on it, it can cause the probe to be insulted, which would result in not triggering either p-bot or p-top. If you do notice any buildup of material on or around the area, you can clean it using a cotton swab (Q-tip) and some isopropyl alcohol.

Ink buildup can insulate the XY positioner which can lead to many issues! Keep this area clean with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

Once that step is complete, you can refer to the specific error you're receiving in the tabs below:

After ensuring that the gold plate is clean and clear of debris, you can enter the console of the V-One by using ALT + C or the tilde key ~. From there, you can run the diagnostic command i2, which will perform a quick calibration procedure. During this procedure, the V-One will trigger all of the switches and test the extents of the machine. If the test is successful the machine will park the carriage near the front, and the LEDs will turn white. If there is a failure during the procedure, the LEDs will turn orange, and you should see an error message on your screen. If you need further assistance with troubleshooting, please reach out to support@voltera.io.

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