6. Maintaining the V-One

The Voltera V-One is a robust machine, but should be properly maintained to ensure consistently high quality printing.

Cleaning any ink or paste off of the XY positioner switches and Z-min switch every time you've finished a print will help keep the switches in good working order.

  • Keep the V-One clean - clean the XY positioner and Z-min switch after each use!

  • Protect the nozzle and probe. Make sure they're stored with caps on to protect the tips, and make sure they are kept clean.

  • Protect the pogo pins from excess wear. Read more on correctly mounting tools here.

  • Never lift the V-One using the bridge - always use two hands, and lift from the base.

  • Keep inks and pastes refrigerated when not in use. Allow ink and paste to come to room temperature before printing.

For more detailed information on maintaining the V-One, please see our detailed guide on V-One Maintenance.

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