Creating a Custom Ink Profile

Creating a custom ink or paste profile to be used in the V-One software is a bit of a manual process, but it is very possible. To get started you will need to navigate to the ink directory for the V-One software. It's located at this path on your computer (you'll need to adjust for your user name):


In there you will find a README.txt that goes over the following instructions.

For a custom ink profile you'll need to open the inks folder and for a custom paste profile you'll need to open the pastes folder. For this example we're going to go through he process for a custom ink, but the process applies to pastes as well.

In the inks folder, duplicate the ExampleInk.json and rename the copy to something useful (e.g. MyInk-001.json).

The V-One software application must be run at least once to generate the example ink and paste definition files.

Open the new json file in a text editor and alter the name, settings, heatingProfile, description in the json file. DO NOT alter 'type'. Then save the file.

Re-open the V-One application, and in the ink selection step add your custom ink the same way you would add a Voltera ink

Once selected, you can use your custom ink like any other Voltera ink in the software. If you need to adjust the print settings of your custom ink in the app you can do so like any Voltera ink under settings.

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