Z-min Switch Error

The Z-min switch is used orient the probe in 3D space, and is an important and required part of setting up a successful print.

Unable to move to z-switch (z-min), switch did not trigger Unable to measure at z-switch (z-min), switch did not trigger during initial approach Unable to home z-axis, could not measurez-switch (z-min) Unable to retract from z-switch (z-min), switch did not release during retract movement

If you've received any of the above errors mentioning the Z-min switch, the first step is to test the actuation of the switch itself.

Using the eraser end of a pencil, or your finger, check the movement by actuating it and verifying that it can move up and down.

If the Z-min switch appears to be sticking, or has visible ink, paste or debris on or around it, try cleaning it using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab (Q-tip).

Next, with the printer connected and probe mounted, use ALT+C or ~ in the software to open the console. Use the D2 command to check the status of all of the switches on the machine. Your output should look like the screenshot below.

Finally, hold down the Z-min switch with your pencil or finger, and while it's depressed, run the D2 command once again. Your output should now show the z-switch is triggered.

If these tests are all as expected and you continue to receive errors while using the printer, please take a screenshot of the D2 test and reach out to our support team.

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