General Settings

Tool Movement

This parameter controls the height the probe, dispenser and drill will raise to when moving in between features. Useful if you are dispensing on a board that already has components or if you are using magnets to secure your flexible substrate.

The highest the tools can be raised when moving between points is 10mm.

Probing Error Detection

Sets the maximum allowable height difference between adjacent points during probing.

See Understanding Probing Issues for more information.

Gerber Processing

To improve Gerber file support we are replacing the existing parser and toolpath planner. If you notice problems please report them using in-app chat.

Remotely Reformat Gerbers

If you find that you are regularly running into problems getting your Gerber files to load in the V-One software you may want to enable this setting. This option is disabled by default and requires you to opt in.

When this setting is enabled, every time you load in a file it will upload to the cloud where we will run a quick reformatting. Reformatting typically resolves most issues with Gerber file loading, so this should solve the headaches around formatting. If you continue to have problems even with this setting enabled reach out to our support team and they can lend a hand.

Keep in mind, this option does require an internet connection to work.

But what happens to my file once it's in the cloud?

We are only caching your file for the purpose of reformatting it and sending it back to the V-One software on your computer. It is not saved and cannot be accessed by us or anyone else.

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