Mounting the V-One's Tools

When mounting the probe, dispenser and drill, the contact pads on the tools will make a connection with pogo pins on the V-One’s carriage.

While it is necessary for the pogo pins to be depressed by the tool to form a connection, applying too much force can cause extra wear, and can cause the pins to get permanently pushed in or bent. In order to avoid damaging the pins, it’s important to follow some best practices when you’re mounting the tools.

There are two ways we’d suggest mounting the tools to protect the pogo pins from damage and excessive wear.

The first option is to mount the tools vertically, beginning at the bottom. Start by placing the lower magnets first, and then allowing the top magnets to connect to the rails.

The second option is to mount one side of the tool first. In the example below, you’ll see we placed the right-hand-side magnets onto the rail first and then rolled the probe onto the left hand rails, preventing the connecting pads from bumping the pogo pins too quickly.

Similarly, when removing the tools from the carriage, you’ll want to make sure you remove the top magnets before removing the bottom magnets, or again, “roll” the tool off of the mounting rails.

Mounting tools from the top first can result in damage to pogo pins. Make sure you're only mounting tools from the side or from the bottom first.

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