1. Safety Guidelines

Please review the following material to ensure a safe work environment and to maintain optimal machine performance.

The V-One is not only an excellent tool for the seasoned electrical engineer but it is also a great way to teach electronics. Never leave the V-One unattended while in use and supervise young and inexperienced users to ensure safe operation.

The V-One is for use as-is. Any modifications to the machine or improper use without explicit approval and direction from Voltera may damage the machine, may cause bodily harm, and will void your warranty.

In case of emergency or prior to performing any maintenance, please ensure power cable is disconnected from the V-One.

Printing Platform

The heated bed is a multipurpose heater with a maximum temperature of 240°C that is used to dry printing materials and reflow solder paste. When the heater is on, the LEDs on either side of the V-One will glow red. While the LEDs are red, the printing platform is unsafe to touch and can cause burns. Remove any combustible materials from the area when heater is in use.

Printing Materials

The V-One comes with 2 mL cartridges of printing material: conductive ink and solder paste. Do not ingest and keep these materials away from mouth and eyes. Be sure to wash hands well with soap and water before eating or drinking after handling. For more information, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Moving Parts

The V-One is an electromechanical device with motors, gears, and belts. Keep fingers away from moving parts.

Sharp Tools

The accessories included with the V-One contain sharp tools such as the probe and dispensing nozzles. Always keep the tip caps on the probe and the dispenser while not in use to prevent damage to the equipment and accidental injury

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