Quickstart Videos

Get started in minutes and follow along with Mike as you learn the basics of the V-One.

Here's an overview of our tutorial videos:

First print survival guide. Perfect solder paste & hand soldering on the V-One. Calibration guide. E-Value guide. Nozzle crash prevention guide. What is solder paste? Hand filling guide.

If you get stuck or have a question, just reach out to him via our live chat here or in the software.

First print survival guide [8:44 min]

A step-by-step guide for your very first print, the Hello World circuit!

Perfect solder paste & hand soldering on the V-One [3:43 min]

Learn how to solder perfectly on your V-One. Mike runs through the key do's and don'ts for solder paste dispensing and hand soldering boards printed on the V-One.

Calibration guide [2:33 min]

Mike teaches you how to perfectly calibrate your V-One. He shows you how a perfect calibration looks and shows some common mistakes that are easy to make.

E-Value guide [1:16 min]

Are you having issues calibrating even though you are using the same 'E' value from last time? You are not the only one.

Nozzle crash prevention guide [1:24 min]

Are your nozzles crashing and you are not sure why? It's probably a probing issue! Learn how we detect potential crashes (SW Version 2.7.0 and higher)

What is solder paste? [3:05 min]

Alloys, Flux, T4, T5, Wetting - Not sure what this all means? Here's a crash course on solder paste.

Hand filling guide [1:25 min]

Are you experimenting with your own materials? Did you disassemble a dispenser only to see ink everywhere? Learn how to fill a cartridge - the right way - in this video.

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