XY Center Different than Calibrated

This error normally occurs the first time you use the V-One. It indicates the XY switches are not where the V-One is expecting them. There are two common causes:

  • The probe or dispenser are not mounted properly

  • The calibration has shifted slightly during shipping

To resolve this issue, follow the procedure below:

  1. Remove, then re-mount the dispenser or probe. Inspect the magnets and ensure there is no metal debris stuck, and there is no air gap between the plastic and the chrome shafts.

Try performing an Outline, if the error persists:

  1. Open the console with Alt + C. (The console allows to send commands directly to the printer.)

  2. Home the machine (Alt + H) and ensure the probe is mounted.

  3. Paste and enter the following command in the console: I2 C2;

The V-One will perform a calibration procedure and make contact with the limit switches multiple times. When complete, the LED lights will flash green to indicate V-One's XY reference is now re-calibrated.

The I2 C2 calibration resolves majority of cases, but if the error persists, email support@voltera.io, or message in the in-app chat.

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