Unable to Connect to NOVA

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If NOVA is in an uncertain connection state, or fails to connect to your wireless or ethernet network, this guide will help you diagnose and resolve the issue.

Ensure WIFI dongle is plugged in

If the supplied WIFI dongle is not plugged into NOVA, NOVA will be in an error state. Before trying anything else, please plug the WIFI dongle into one of NOVA’s USB ports.

NOVA can’t connect to WIFI

First, ensure that NOVA’s WIFI dongle is working.

Occasionally (<5% of the time) when the machine boots, the WIFI dongle isn't detected by the system which leads to red LED lights for the gantry and a 'no wlan0 interface' error when you eventually connect to the machine. To resolve this, you need to re-connect the WIFI dongle to the same or different USB port or power cycle the machine. NOVA will then reconnect to your WIFI as normal.

If you are not certain whether NOVA’s WIFI dongle is working, this procedure will force NOVA to connect to a network as long as the dongle is plugged into NOVA and working.

For this procedure, you will need to be able to configure a wireless network, either on a standard WIFI router or through a mobile hotspot; We recommend creating a mobile hotspot, for quick and easy debugging.

Step 1: Ensure the WIFI dongle is plugged into either of NOVA's USB ports.

Step 2: Power off NOVA.

Step 3: Configure a WIFI network (or hotspot) with the following credentials:


Password: NOVA1234

Step 4: Power on NOVA.

If NOVA’s WIFI dongle is plugged in and working, and NOVA is able to connect to wireless, it will automatically connect to networks with the above credentials. If NOVA connects to this network, it is likely that there is a problem with your network configuration - see the WIFI Network Instability guide for further information.

If NOVA does not connect to this network, contact Voltera Support for further guidance.

Failsafe Ethernet Connection

If all else fails, this procedure will force NOVA to connect directly to your computer with an Ethernet connection.

Step 1: Ensure the WIFI dongle is plugged into NOVA.

Step 2: Use the provided ethernet cable to connect your computer to NOVA.

Step 3: Remove the Calibration Plate by pressing down on either the left or right end to pop up the plate, then set it aside. Next, remove the 4 Torx T20 screws holding the calibration area in place and remove the calibration area to reveal the circuit board below.

Step 4: On this circuit board you'll notice two toggle switches. Right of center is the Factory Mode switch. Make sure the toggle switch is in the left position (opposite the arrow direction). If it is in the right position, toggle it left; this should resolve your connection problem.

Step 5: Left of center on the circuit board is the Ethernet Mode switch. Flip the switch to the ‘PC’ position (right position). If it is already in the PC position, toggle it left to ‘Modem’, wait 5 seconds, then flip back to ‘PC’.

Step 6: Replace the calibration area with the 4 screws. Then, power off NOVA and power it back on again.

Step 7: Open your browser and navigate to connect.myvoltera.io ( At this point, you should have access to NOVA.

If this procedure works, NOVA will be in a definitive connection state, and you can proceed with connecting to WIFI. Please see the NOVA Connection Guide for more information.

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