Connecting NOVA

For this guide, we're assuming you already have NOVA unboxed and on your workbench. This guide will take you through getting NOVA connected.

If you're setting up NOVA for the first time follow the New machine setup below. If you're a a new user getting started on a NOVA machine that is already setup follow the New user on an existing machine steps below.

New Machine Setup

First, connect NOVA to a computer with the supplied ethernet cable.

Plug the the WIFI dongle into one of NOVA's USB ports.

Plug in NOVA's power adapter

Power on NOVA

Navigate to to get started.

Click sign up and follow the instructions to create a Voltera account.

Once logged in, your device will be listed in the Wired devices section. To confirm, your device name can be found on the side of the machine on the label next to the ports.

Click on your device listed in the wired devices section, select the option to Setup device and follow the instructions to connect your NOVA to WIFI.

Once complete, you will see your device listed in the Network devices section. You can now click on your device to start using it. In the future you can connect directly to your machine using (ex.

For more complex setups refer to the NOVA User Manualor reach out to support.

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