Swapping Tools

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Tool Connection Overview

The module hub is the communications interface for NOVA's modules. It implements NOVA's module interface, which allows NOVA to connect to and control the various NOVA modules.

The module hub has two module ports, each with its own Z-axis so that modules can move independently. The module ports have secure kinematic coupling controlled with the locking lever, which makes sure the modules are locked in place after mounting.

Mounting a tool

To mount a tool to either the left or right module port of NOVA start by aligning the interface on the rear side of the tool to the hub-side interface.

With the interfaces aligned, press the tool against the module port you want to mount it to.

Continue to hold the tool in place as you lower the locking lever. Once you feel the lever lock in place the tool is secured to the Module port and you can remove your hand.

Dismounting a tool

To dismount a tool from the module port of NOVA make sure you are holding the tool securely with your hand and raise the Locking Lever to its upper position. Once raised, you’re free to remove the tool from the module port.

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