Software Overview

Top Bar

  • Home the system (Alt + H): Moves the gantry to the 0,0 position (back right of the system)

  • Resets the gantry and relieves dispensing pressure (Alt + R): This restarts the gantry and relieves dispensing pressure to help stop a bad print quickly.

  • Meet with us: Have a great idea or want to chat with an expert? Fill out the form and we'll find a time to talk!

  • Configure your settings: Check the print settings for your active material. If not in a dispense workflow, it does nothing.

Workflow Tiles

  • Dispense: If you already have settings for your material, you can use them any time you want to print a design using this workflow.

  • Materials: The Materials tile has two options

    • Explore: Look through official materials that Voltera has uploaded profiles for.

    • Library: Browse, add, modify, or delete profiles on your system.

  • Calibrate: This workflow is for when you need to figure out settings to dispense some new material, or to dispense with a different nozzle size.

Bottom Left Options

  • Account Login: Log in or out of your account.

  • Network Settings: Check and adjust your internet connection status.

  • Camera: Open a live feed of the camera with advanced functions, including measuring the scaling to give you a correct pixel-to-µm ratio, changing the LED colors, and more.

  • Gantry Settings: A dashboard for NOVA's gantry to adjust settings, mainly used during troubleshooting.

  • Hardware Attachments: Shows you what modules are connected, their status, and module specific settings.

Bottom Right Options

  • Restart App: This button will restart NOVA's brain.

  • Chat with support: Click the green bubble to start a live chat with Voltera Support.

  • Release Notes: Clicking on the software version number will show you all the features from the latest software release.

  • Machine name: This is your NOVA unit's unique identifier.

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