Using the Vacuum Module

NOVA's vacuum module was designed specifically for printing onto flexible and compliant substrates. It features a porous titanium top that allows for uniform suction and ensures that flexible and soft substrates will stay in place.

Working with the Vacuum Module is simple, there are 4 registration bumps on the backside that make it a breeze to align when placing over NOVA's mounting grid.

Once in place, it's ready to accept any size of substrate up to 220 mm x 300 mm, so a Letter or A4 sized sheet fits great. Ensure you substrate is dust free and then simply lay it flat on the vacuum module to mount it. The vacuum will engage at the appropriate time during a workflow.

If you're working with a smaller sized substrate, a great way to ensure even suction and avoid the need to increase the vacuum is to mask off the rest of the print area. You can use another substrate like PET or even printer paper to do this.

For maintenance of the vacuum module, be sure to check out our full NOVA Maintenance guide.

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