Using Mounting Hardware for Rigid Substrates

Our mounting hardware for rigid substrates was designed to accommodate a multitude of rigid substrate types, thicknesses, and unconventional shapes. You can use this hardware to set up a custom mounting system that will hold your substrate securely during printing.

What’s included?

  • 4 x Anchor mount

  • 4 x Swivel mount

  • 4 x Thumb screw

Anchor mount:

There are four anchor mounts included with NOVA. These mounts provide the most support for your substrate and should be used as the first points of contact when mounting your substrate.

Swivel mount and thumbscrews:

There are four swivel mounts and four thumb screws included with NOVA. Together these mounts provide the flexibility between the mounting grid. The thumbscrew inserts into the slot of the swivel mount and allows you to customize the placement with a range of 40mm in a 360° circle.

Mounting your substrate:

The rule of thumb when mounting your board is you want a minimum of 3 mounts used to secure your substrate. Depending on the shape of your substrate you may need to use more clamps to fully secure it.

Here are a few examples of different shaped substrates mounted to NOVA:

Since every substrate is unique, here are some general steps you can take to mount your substrate

Step 1: Start by mounting your anchor mounts to support the top edge of your board. Loosen the screw on the top of the anchor mounts and clamp your substrate between the shaft and the screw.

Step 2: Add in your swivel mounts to the opposite side of the board to add support. Loosen the screw on the top of the swivel mount and clamp the board loosely between the shaft and the screw. Insert a thumbscrew in the shaft of the swivel mount to tie it to the mounting grid. Tighten the thumbscrew down as well as the screw on the top of the swivel mount.

Step 3: Test if your substrate is secure by putting downward pressure with your finger around the perimeter of the substrate. Add in extra mounts if necessary.

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