Corrupted Firmware

If you power cycle your unit during a firmware or app update, then your machine begins behaving strangely, it’s possible that the firmware was corrupted.


  • One of your modules or the gantry is not able to communicate — for example, it throws errors like the one below: Plans: Attempt to start plan Homing-gantry-1-1 but gantry not ready, aborting plan

  • The robot icon (gantry menu) is grayed out in the main app:

  • If you enter the Gantry System menu (by clicking the robot icon), the gantry system lists ‘offline’. A properly functioning gantry will have a version number and status of ‘ready’.


To resolve an issue with corrupted firmware, try the following troubleshooting methods starting with option 1 and moving to the next option only if needed:

Option 1: Gantry software reset

First, try resetting the gantry through the software - click the robot in the bottom left corner to access the gantry menu, then click the power button in the top left corner.

Option 2: Manual update

Click the ‘Manual Update’ button, and wait for the firmware to update. DO NOT POWER OFF THE SYSTEM during the manual update.

Option 3: Firmware update

If neither of these approaches work, contact Voltera Support for help.

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