Safety Guidelines

All users of the machine must read the manual carefully before using NOVA. Improper use of NOVA or use in a manner not specified by Voltera may result in impairment of protections and may present hazards including electric shock, crushing injuries, or pinch points.

Mechanical hazards

Keep hands away from NOVA when the system is moving to avoid potential injury. The Bridge and Module Hub can produce pinch hazards when the system is in motion. When the Smart Probe is mounted, it can also produce similar hazards. Stay clear to avoid these hazards while the machine is in use.

Handle precision nozzles with care when using the Smart Dispenser. The precision nozzles can pierce skin and lead to injury when being handled and when the Smart Dispenser is mounted on NOVA. Ensure hands are clear of the machine when the Smart Dispenser is in use and the system is in motion. Take care not to get caught on nozzles when mating precision nozzles to the Smart Dispenser

Hot surfaces

The Smart Dispenser contains a 12W heater that heats to a maximum of 65°C (149°F), and if damaged, this temperature can reach 80°C (176°F). Take care when handling a hot dispenser.

Application specific inks, materials, and cleaning agents

It is your responsibility to be aware of the hazards created by the materials used in your application. Ensure you take necessary precautions to ensure that inks, substrates, and cleaning agents will not cause a hazard on their own or as a result of a reaction with one another or NOVA. Read all relevant safety data sheets (SDS) for your application before working with NOVA. Materials provided with NOVA are non-hazardous and non-volatile.

Electrical connections

Never touch the electrical contact pins while the locking lever on the Module Hub is engaged. NOVA will only accept Voltera approved modules.

Ensure that the connecting Power Adapter is easily accessible when using the machine, including the connection to NOVA. Do not place the Power Adapter in a place that is difficult to reach.

Use personal protective equipment

NOVA contains vacuum pumps which can be loud at maximum power. If the pumps are run above 30% duty cycle for extended periods, wear hearing protection.

Wear eye protection if using the Smart Probe module with custom fixturing, printing on 3D structures, or when using mounting accessories. If the Smart Probe’s stylus accidentally contacts a hard surface during travel, it can fracture and create shrapnel.

Wear protective gloves when handling conductive inks, solvents, or other electronic materials. Consult the safety data sheet (SDS) before using.

Two person lift

NOVA weighs 35 kg (77 lbs) and should always be lifted by two people to avoid injury. Use proper lifting technique when relocating. Failing to do so can cause muscle strain or back injury. Place NOVA carefully, as dropping the equipment can cause serious harm. When moving NOVA, each person should lift by the base with two hands. Avoid lifting the machine by the bridge to avoid ruining the calibration of your unit.

Do not disassemble

Any modifications to the machine without explicit approval or direction from Voltera may damage the machine, may cause bodily harm, and will void your warranty. Except at the express direction of Voltera, do not open or disassemble NOVA, or any Voltera modules, or equipment.

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