Offline NOVA Software Update

Currently, the only way to receive a software update for your offline NOVA unit is to temporarily connect it to the internet and allow the update to download and take effect.

When it comes to setting up a temporary connection, you have a few options:

  • Connect to a mobile WIFI hotspot

  • Connect to a WIFI network with internet

  • Connect via ethernet to a network with internet

Mobile WIFI hotspot

If you need to set up an internet connection and there is no WIFI or ethernet network available, then this option might be the best choice. Keep in mind, connecting to a mobile device will utilize its connection, so you may use up a larger amount of data if updating this way.

  1. 1. On your mobile device, create a mobile WIFI hotspot with the following credentials:


    Password: NOVA1234

  2. Connect your laptop to this network.

  3. If NOVA is powered on and has a WIFI Dongle connected, it will automatically connect to this network.

  4. Once connected NOVA will automatically start to download and then install the update.

WIFI or Ethernet network with Internet connection

Similar to the WIFI hotspot, once connected to a WIFI or ethernet network with Internet, NOVA will immediately start to download the software update.

You can refer to our User Manual for instructions on how to connect via these methods.

Once downloaded, a pop will appear letting you know the new version is being installed. This should only take a few minutes.

After the software update has been installed we will then update the firmware for the gantry and any tools attached. If no tools are attached the update will happen the next time they are attached.

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