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5. Final Assembly

To test out your print you'll need to do some minor assembly. Start by trimming the PET to the printed outline. Be careful to not cut through any of the interior traces.
Trim to the outer line
Next, Add some tape around the finger stylus to hold its shape.
Tape the finger stylus
Carefully pull down the black tabs on the connector of the companion board. This will allow you to insert your printed design.
Pull the black connector tabs down
Next, plug your printed cable end into the connecter at the bottom companion board and gently close the two black connector tabs to lock it in place.
Printed cable end
Companion board connector
Inserting the cable end into the connector
You're now ready to test the board out. The power button is in labeled in the center of the board. With the left potentiometer you can control the volume and with the right potentiometer you can control the pitch to tune the keyboard.
Highlighting the power, volume and pitch buttons
Finally, using the printed finger stylus you can play the keyboard by making contact with the keys.
And that's it! Your first print is complete. We always love seeing prints in action, so feel free to tag us in any social media posts. Here's where you can find us: