2. Dispenser Assembly

With your material and substrate added from the materials library, the next step is to assemble your dispenser. The dispenser has a few moving parts, so you may want to follow this guide the first few times you assemble.

Assembling Your Smart Dispenser

Step 1: Mount the pressure sensor

Open the dispenser door and insert the couple with the pressure window facing the pressure sensing pin in the dispenser body.

Step 2: Attach a nozzle

To attach your nozzle to the end of the coupler, hold the couple in place with your thumb, and twist the nozzle clockwise. Tightening by hand is all you need.

It’s very important to not overtighten the nozzle!

Step 3: Secure the pressure sensor and nozzle

Close the dispenser door and secure it with the thumbscrew, tightening it clockwise.

Step 4: Insert a material

Remove the caps from both ends of your material’s cartridge and slide the cartridge into the dispenser body so it seats fully onto the coupler.

Step 5: Mount the motor plunger

Gently insert the motor plunger into the top of your material cartridge, aligning the notch on the motor body to the Voltera logo on the dispenser body. Once it bottoms out, twist the motor 90° clockwise to lock it in place.

You now have a fully assembled smart dispenser that is ready to be mounted to NOVA.

You're all set to move move to the next step 4. Printing.

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